Does experience really hold you back?


This is the case, where i have met people of 2 different ages, a different set of friends, circle, energies, and experiences.

One set belongs to the age of approx. 30-35 years guys. They are young, energetic, full of stories, experiences, instances and what not. People who have stayed in US or in UK for good 10 years or so and have full exposure to everything be it professional and personal. I have interaction to a bunch these folks mainly guys and found out that though they have come back to India but somewhere down the line, they are still bounded. They still talk about the cultures to hold, the boundaries or limitations under the name of Family values and feelings. They talked and showcased as one of the independent people but still belong to the category where they still find independent women strong, appreciate their work, love to hang out with them, love taking trips, like to spend hours, take them out on dates, booze, smoke up, in fact, have a deeper conversation with. But when it comes to settling down they, on the contrary, don’t want to be with the independent women who still have the Say. They look out for those who can be easily dominated, manipulated under the name of family and family values. Which I fairly dint understand.

Now comes the second set – Age nearly 26-27 years.

They are out and open, love to socialize, like knowing people, spread their charm, harmony & warmth. They are open to experiences, open to trying out new things in fact open in their approach of thinking and understanding. Yes, maybe it’s the Age as we call it but these people know their lives paths and seek enlightenment which everyone else is doing on this planet right?? They don’t care about tomorrow but care about the content they are exposed to, care about the time they invest in, cautious about the effort they put in anywhere at all. They seem to be less judgmental and more fundamental, apparently less bounded. Knowing these two sets I am in a bit dilemma of knowing the truth and this has left me with so many questions like- Does age really matter with respect to learning? Do the aged people are more closed in their approach because of their experiences? Have we enclosed ourselves so much that we play it safe under the name of maturity and life? Or the young aged people are strong and bold and we stereotype this and say “ Abhi Dekha hi kya hain”?

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