Song of LIFE


Hey, I have heard some noise in the time when I was alone, there was a melody trying to penetrate while I was all thrown.

I closed my ears and refused to listen but as a symphony it kept me going. I asked “who are you?” with a trembled voice, she said, “ I am a song of life !!”

She left me amazed with the warmth she had, thinking this would pass like dreams one had.

I sat against my lonely room wall, shutting my ears again, staring at the waterfall. The west wind came and tussled my hair, the push was strong but I felt it wrong.

I asked again ”who are you ?” she said “ I am a song of life”.

She held my hand like a mother to her child, gave me colors, a scent some love and sent me into the wild. I followed the noise & felt raindrops on my skin, I could breathe, listen to every theme within. She told me when the world refuses to know you, harmony what it doesn’t show you, hold on to yourself, open your ears and listen to the song of life, flow with the song and dance until you feel alright.

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